To host (house) your website:

$100 per year.

This includes CPANEL access which allows you to easily change your email addresses and install software such as WordPress.

The $100 also includes 1 free hour of helping hand per year, we will endeavour to do this in person. We can help you create your first website, move your website from another hosting provider or help connecting it to Search engines, Google & Facebook. Our desire is to make sure all our websites are current and their owners happy. Additional support is charged at $40 per hour.

We have some special features too:
Local Backups. We assume all providers of hosting backup your files on the server computer, where ever that may be, but there has been some horror stories where a website account has been unintentionally deleted which automatically deleted the backup files also. We make a backup of your website and store it offline at our office.
Physical Backups. For a small fee of $15 per year we will backup your website onto a DVD disk and drop it off to you. This way, no matter what happens, you will always know you personally have a copy. If your spending many hours of time and money building a site that represents your business or project, don’t risk not having a safe copy in your hands. Especially important if you need to recover some files or information more than a few months prior.

Resources: At this stage we are keeping it simple. We will support what ever you need to host your website. As much disk space, functions and features as you need. However, if you start using up GBs of space for no obvious need that we can see, we will need to contact you and work something out.


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