I received an email with the subject “Mailbox Size Warning” what should I do?

If you received something similar to the below, please let us know and we will fix it up. This is caused by a Mail Account being created with a quota, we normally allow mailboxes to be as big as they need to be. If you have cPanel Access, login and go to Email Accounts then click “Change Quota” on the corresponding account, change it to unlimited.

Subject Mailbox Size Warning (warn)

The mailbox email@address.com is almost full.

You should remove some emails from the box as soon as possible to prevent
losing any future mail, or ask the admin to upgrade your account to have a
larger quota.
This mailbox is currently 83.90% (209.74/250.00 Megs) full.
!! Do not respond to this message. Your reply will go nowhere. !!

I typed my Website address into Facebook and my website content appeared on facebook. Why?

Facebook has a feature that looks for Website addresses in the text you type into Facebook. If it sees something like a Website address, it will download a copy of the website and display a small portion at the bottom of your Facebook status update. This allows Facebook users to see a brief version of the content that is usually being referred to in the status update. Saving them clicking on the address.

If you don’t want Facebook to download and display a copy of the Website, when updating a Facebook status and Facebook starts downloading a copy, you will see a “X” in the top right side, click on this and Facebook will delete its copy.

As this is entirely done by Facebook, there is no way to stop this happening from your website.

Why are the Email addresses that were added are not on my Website?

The Email Computer System is separate from WordPress, the Website System. They don’t talk to one another. Once an EMail address is added to (CPANEL the Master Website Control Page) then they can be displayed on your website. This needs to be done by yourself or your website Admin. This allows complete control of how and what you want displayed for others to see.


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